Systematic, Providing Diversity, Experienced, Quality, Respecting the Environment and Nature, is a company that shapes the wood.

We started to provide services in 2016 as a result of the joint venture of Gök Group company which has given 30 years to the retail sector and vemay company which has 25 years experience in the wood furniture sector. Combining our knowledge and experience, our compay aims to provide quality trust and full-servise policy in a timely manner. Since the day we were established, we have served in many domestic and internatiol stores of companies such as Sneaks Up, Lcw and Penti which are also leaders in their own sectors. We continue to serve by making special ptoductions in various sizes.




In-store project design is to be a brand that captures the right balance of speed, quality and price, reflects its customers and always produces solutions.



Being the leader in project design for Multi Brand store in Turkey, the friendly company that comes to the customer's mind with its expertise blending craftsmanship and technology.